Padilla Secures Over $35 Million for 20 Projects in the Central Valley

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, U.S. Senator Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) announced that he secured over $35.6 million in federal funding for 20 projects across the Central Valley in the first package of FY 2024 appropriations bills. The package includes the Agriculture; Energy and Water; Military Construction-VA; Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development; Commerce, Justice, and Science; and Interior appropriations bills. The House and Senate will consider the bills this week ahead of the March 8 funding deadline before they are sent to the President to be signed into law.

“I am proud to have secured millions in funding for projects that will improve the quality of life across the Central Valley,” said Senator Padilla. “As our state continues to face historic drought conditions and flooding, the investments in local projects are critical to improving the reliability and quality of our water infrastructure. I’ve also secured significant investments in public safety and road conditions to improve daily commutes in the Central Valley.” 

Projects across the Central Valley that will receive federal funding include:

  • City of Hanford East Lacey Corridor Improvement Project – $7.32 million: This funding will support a multi-modal infrastructure project that will connect Hanford residents to services in the downtown, promote active transportation opportunities, and connect residents to the future Kings/Tulare High Speed Rail Station.
  • Mendota Pavement Management Project – $5 million: This funding will support the repair and upgrade of city streets across Mendota.
  • Parksdale Community Road Rehabilitation in Madera County – $3.24 million: This funding will support rehabilitation of roads in the underserved community of Parksdale.
  • Stockton Metropolitan Flood Control Reimbursement – $2.75 million: This funding will support the payment and reinvestment in Congressionally-authorized flood protection projects by the US Army Corps of Engineers and San Joaquin County Flood Control to protect the residents of San Joaquin County.
  • Lincoln Village Maintenance District Water System Improvements — Phase 1 – $2 million: This funding will replace water mains, aging steel pipes, and water meters within Lincoln Village, a disadvantaged community in San Joaquin County.
  • Yosemite Community College District’s Fire Technology Program Expansion – $2 million: This funding will strengthen the Columbia College Fire Technology program by building a Regional Training Facility as well as upgrading outdated technology and equipment. This would allow for further expansion of program offerings, increased student enrollment, and help meet the need for additional firefighting personnel.
  • Kings Community Action Organization Service Center – $2 million: This funding will support Kings Community Action Organization’s project to build a larger food bank and multi-service campus to address both food and emergency shelter needs.
  • Cantua Creek Sidewalk Improvements – $2 million: This funding will improve streets, sidewalks, and drainage facilities in the rural communities of Cantua Creek and El Porvenir in Fresno County. 
  • City of Turlock Sewer Extension Project – $1.2 million: This project will provide critical out of boundary utility services to properties that are considered to be an unserved county area, currently on wells and septic tanks.
  • Seaborn Reservoir Project – Tulare Irrigation District – $1 million: This funding will support the Tulare Irrigation District’s feasibility study of the Seaborn Reservoir Project to enhance flood protection and drought resiliency.
  • City of Madera Storm Drain Pipeline Replacement – $1 million: This funding will support installation of permanent underground storm drain pipelines, associated manholes, and storm water inlets/outlets in the City of Madera.
  • City of Turlock Stormwater Infrastructure – $1 million: This funding will support the replacement and upsizing of pipe in Turlock to create a positive drainage system and alleviate serious flooding in the City.
  • California City Water Infrastructure Replacement Project – $1 million: This funding will support the Upper Rancho Water Replacement Project to provide water quality, system reliability, and resiliency improvements.
  • City of Dinuba Sewer Improvements – $959,752: This funding will expand sewers in the industrially-zoned area of Dinuba to better serve existing businesses in the area.
  • City of Visalia Groundwater Basin Project – $959,752: This project will help the City of Visalia improve stormwater capture to reduce flood risks and to replenish the groundwater basin.
  • El Nido Fire Station Rehabilitation in Merced County – $781,000: This funding will support modernization upgrades to the El Nido Fire Station in Merced County.
  • City of Stockton Van Buskirk Park – $500,000: This funding will help convert Van Buskirk Park into a multifaceted outdoor recreation destination.
  • City of Farmersville Streetlight Installation – $500,000: This funding will support the installation of streetlights to increase public safety.
  • Wawona Ambulance Bay in Mariposa County – $375,000: This funding will support the construction of an ambulance bay in Wawona to improve response times in Yosemite National Park and Mariposa County.
  • Las Casitas de Lola Domestic Violence Shelter in the City of Huron – $95,000: This funding will support needed infrastructure improvements to the Las Casitas de Lola Domestic Violence Shelter, which provides shelter, food, and resources to women and families fleeing domestic violence.

More information on these appropriations bills is available here.