Padilla Secures Over $32 Million for Transportation Infrastructure and Supportive Housing Projects in Senate Appropriations Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, U.S. Senator Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) announced that he secured over $32 million in federal funding for 12 projects across California in several Senate appropriations bills. The bills were released by the Senate Appropriations Committee yesterday and will now be reconciled with their House counterparts before final passage.

“I am proud to support funding to tackle the affordable housing crisis and to improve our state’s transportation infrastructure,” said Senator Padilla. “Building modern transportation infrastructure and expanding transit connections will grow our economy and improve the quality of life for millions of commuters. This funding will also support projects that connect people with innovative and supportive services to combat homelessness.”

California projects included in the Senate Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development appropriations bill:

$10 million for the Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project

This funding will support Caltrain’s Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project. This will be California’s first electrified commuter rail system, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate the particulate matter caused by the aging diesel engines, and help Caltrain meet its goal of tripling capacity by 2040.

$5 million for the North Hollywood to Pasadena Bus Rapid Transit Project

This project will help provide a key regional connection between the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys by linking key job and activity centers and providing an east-west transit service to better connect the communities of North Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Eagle Rock, and Pasadena.

$4 million for the Fontana Homeless Prevention Resource and Care Center

This funding will help support the establishment of the Fontana Homelessness Prevention Resource and Care Center, which will provide shelter and supportive services.

$3 million for the North Corridor Merced Avenue Greenway Project in the City of El Monte

This project will expand the Merced Avenue Greenway to combat rising temperatures, increase pedestrian and bicyclist safety, and improve local water quality. It will also help better connect residents to job opportunities and recreational spaces.

$2.2 million for the Yerba Buena Island West Side Bridges Seismic Retrofit Project

This project will improve seismic safety, traffic circulation, and emergency access within Yerba Buena and Treasure Islands.

$2.1 million for the Hanford Intercity Rail Station Community Safety and Accessibility Enhancement Project

This funding will help improve the safety, accessibility, and user condition of the Hanford Intercity Rail Station. The station connects travelers from the Central Valley to San Luis Obispo County, as well as to the many rural communities in between that are served by Amtrak’s San Joaquin trains and Thruway buses.

$2 million for the Vermont Transit Corridor Project in Los Angeles

This project will improve north-south transit service along the Vermont Avenue corridor through enhanced connectivity to local and regional transit services, increased capacity, and improved on-time performance. This project would also enhance connections to the Metro B, C, D, and E Lines between Hollywood Boulevard and 120th Street.

$1 million for the YWCA Harbor Area & South Bay’s Julia Morgan Center for Women and Children Escaping Domestic and Sexual Violence

This funding will support restoration and renovation of the historic Julia Morgan-designed YWCA in San Pedro, and the construction of a new two-story building for transitional housing for women and children escaping domestic and sexual violence, with program space for supportive legal, job development, human trafficking, and health care services, as well as expanded pre-school and child care services.

$1 million for the City of Fresno’s Tiny Home Project

This funding will help the City of Fresno build tiny homes, which will provide a new option for those in shelters seeking to transition to longer-term affordable housing options. This project will maximize existing vacant pads in mobile home parks to create a new permanent affordable housing option.

$1 million for the Returning Citizens Housing Stability Pilot Project in Los Angeles

This funding will support the Returning Citizens Housing Stability Pilot Project by the LA Economic and Workforce Development Department, which aims to reduce recidivism by linking formerly incarcerated individuals with stable housing and supportive services.

$1 million for Streets Repaving in the Community of Tranquility

This funding will support reconstructing roads, constructing and repairing sidewalks, and adding bike lanes in the community of Tranquility.

$500,000 for the City of Los Angeles Eviction Filing System for Community Outreach and Support

This funding will support a citywide Eviction Filing System to track vital data on evictions, so that the Los Angeles Housing Department can implement and adjust policies, identify the most vulnerable tenants, and better allocate resources to hard-to-reach people facing evictions in order to prevent homelessness.

Complete summaries and texts of the Senate’s Appropriation bills are available here.


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