NBC Los Angeles: California Sen. Alex Padilla Reintroduces ‘America’s Children Act’ Aimed at Protecting Documented Dreamers

By Michelle Valles

California Sen. Alex Padilla reintroduced the America’s Children Act to help thousands of individuals who came to the U.S. as children known as “Documented Dreamers” gain their legal citizenship.

The term Documented Dreamers may be a new term for many, but it refers to foreign nationals who came to the U.S. as dependents under their parents temporary non-immigration status.

Under the current immigration law, most of those children will age out of those protections at 21 and will have to self-deport.

Activists for the bill say that it will provide a pathway for those individuals who have built their lives in the U.S. and have begun their educational careers continue to chase their dreams.

Padilla serves as the chair of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, and Border Safety. He has a long history of fighting for immigration rights and wants to make the process for immigrants a much easier process.

“These Documented Dreamers are Americans in every way except one: their parent’s green card is tied up in red tape,” Padilla said, in a press conference. “This legislation is about more than just immigration reform—it’s about righting a moral wrong that’s a byproduct of our outdated immigration system. My bill would prevent these young people from ‘aging out of their parents’ visa when they turn 21, and create additional green card opportunities for Documented Dreamers. I urge my colleagues to stand up and do the right thing for these hundreds of thousands of young people.”

Padilla along with other lawmakers are calling for Congress to pass immigration reform.

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